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The COVID-19 Pandemic has had sweeping ramifications; bring attention to not only the most glaring challenges, such as treating the sick and helping people deal with the economic fallout that has arisen due to social distancing efforts(Donate to PHLcovid19Fund), but also the effect that this crisis will have on the social wellbeing of everyone affected by it. In order to address those issues that accompany our current situations proclivity to displace individuals and communities, I've decided to speak to a variety of groups of people; some groups formed around identity, some based on class, some just consisting of whoever is around me at the moment. I'll be asking these groups different questions about displacement, and their experience with it during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Then, I'll create a piece of art based on those conversations, and post them here.

Queer Community #1

April 23rd, 2020

Members of the queer community have historically faced challenges related to displacement due to lack of acceptance from community members, religious organizations, and even family members. This fact, along with the uniquely challenging experiences that queer individuals were likely to face if they needed to return home (lack of respect from family members about gender, not out to family, out to family and treated differently because of it), drew me to communicating with my friends who are members of the queer community to begin this community arts practice. I hope to continue my research regarding queer people and displacement in the future, and hope my findings can be useful to continue to battle against the unfair displacement that queer people historically have, and will unfortunately continue to face.
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Found poem created with snippets from initial conversations I had with queer people regarding COVID-19 and displacement.