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A collection of my recent thoughts, journeys, challenges, and inspiration.

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A little bit about who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

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  • Reach loves younglife. You should love younglife, too. Hoping to send a foursome to this AWESOME event. Let me know if you're in. (What do you say, @bwalt19 & @gresh49?)
  • My wife is as wise as she is beautiful, which is saying a lot. So proud of her - she NAILED this video. Take a look: https://vimeo.com/92699849
  • I've learned 2 things so far today: 1) I'm highly allergic to dust mites. 2) under a microscope dust mites look like demonic aliens.
  • Feeling the love from my favorite smoothie shop.
  • Took @emiliemccormack to see Draft Day for date night. It was so bad the second the credits rolled I drove her across town to another theater to see Divergent for the 2nd time. #feelingcrazy #dauntless
  • GAME ON.