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A little bit about who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

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Some sermon audio, a few testimonials, and booking.

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  • Blessed to be @krista_yl's pastor and friend...and honored to support her at the Northlake Younglife Banquet tonight.
  • Hustled home from a wedding this morning to attend the second service at @reach_church. Wanted to be in a seat to be encouraged by @jeremyvallerand, @rescuefreedom, and our surprise guests from India. Hearing a slavery survivor sing Amazing Grace is one of the most powerful things I've ever witnessed. Jesus, use us in ways we can't even imagine to bring forth rescue in the lives of many.
  • Brunch date with this beauty near lake wenatchee before we head to the wedding of some dear friends. Successfully paired a sausage omelette with an Oreo shake. Because fitness.
  • Seems legit.
  • #tbt takes us back to the time I flew @andrewgard to Texas to preach at my youth retreat...then smashed him after he challenged me to a freestyle contest. #dudestillbroughtthewordtho #rematchsoon
  • Saw this on the building my cohort meets in at @WesternSeminary. Great foundation for a school...and for a church.