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A little bit about who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

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Some sermon audio, a few testimonials, and booking.

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  • Ok, new game: which are rap star,  @andymineo, and which are Reach's own, @iamshafto?
  • Starting a 3 week series on the resurrection tomorrow. There will be MUCH to celebrate!
  • Ry Guy sleeps with the same bear I first came home from the hospital with almost 33 years ago.
  • My goodness. So. Much. Hope. Thankful for redemption today. If you're at @northwestu and you haven't taken a class with Charette, make it happen. My time in his class on the book of acts was incredibly powerful.
  • This is my friend, Ken. Last night Ken came to connect class wearing a shirt supporting our NFC rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. There is grace for all. (Hope you're happy, Chris @serahmaragos.) #prayforken #gohawks