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  • Some new friends from a church in Iowa hanging with us at the office today. Talking missional community and praying for our cities.
  • These are our dear friends Erin and Luke. They may or may not have dressed up as me and @emiliemccormack for a Halloween party. Not sure if I've felt this honored before.
  • Did NOT expect over 40 students, parents and leaders to come out for our first youth hang out. Excited to see what God has planned for this crew. (Proud of you, @iamshafto @iammrsshafto!)
  • Cleaning out the garage. #hellochildhood
  • The boys are a fan of the lockers in daddy's office.
  • Spent a few hours planning for Christmas as a team this afternoon. Christmas hat, Christmas cider, Christmas music.  Totally willing to break my strict "no Christmas stuff before thanksgiving" rule for such occasions.