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A collection of my recent thoughts, journeys, challenges, and inspiration.

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  • I think this sums up the last decade of riding in cars with my wife quite well. She wants the inside of the car comparable to the surface of the sun, thus forcing me to combat her lava air with a cold burst from my passenger side vents. If a tornado spontaneously results I'll try to take a pic.
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  • Just spent the last hour on these two pages. Almost ran out of ink. Wish I could have had coffee with John Stott before he went home. His writing is deeply theological, fiercely practical, and incredibly accessible (rare combo). Praying my sermons might be the same.
  • Post-practice eats with one of my players last night.
  • Me and the heart-melter after church a few weeks ago. So proud of this kid. Such a privilege to be his dad.
  • Post practice grub with Boston & Coach @jakecampbell. He was feeling pretty optimistic until that last sip.